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BBC 2 The Dancer's Body


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The programme was fascinating - I especially liked the slow motion replays of the dancers, you could really see how their bodies worked. Ivan Putrov's feet in the Bluebird solo were amazing - the beats too! And Marianela Nunez in the Don Q fouettes, watching her supporting leg and foot as she did them was very enlightening. And the information about spotting was really helpful. Now I know what to aim for! I can't wait for the next programme.:(

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I thought "The Dancer's Body" was great fun - I'd like to see more of her programmes. In my opinion she makes an very good presenter (popping up as she does once in a while, to introduce televised ballets), not to mention an excellent programme writer. Her rather tongue-in-cheek style adds a lot of colour to the programme, too.

Fellow fans can find an eclectic mix of articles and links at her website,



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