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Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker


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Are any of you familiar with this version? "Moscow Ballet" is performing a slightly different Nutcracker at SUNY Purchase's Performing Arts Center on the 28th and 29th...apparently this year they just happened to plan a world peace theme...which is rather timely.

I think that the performers are actually from a variety of companies...I also recall reading that there were a great number of tall men in it which was sort of unusual to note!


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I'm fairly certain it's the classical one.

Don't anyone tell me anything too terrible about it as I've already ordered the tickets! From what I recalled reading about the performance earlier it did sound good. Sure hope so...

I'll be sure to let the curious know. biggrin.gif

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Kevin, they will perform "Swan Lake". As you know, Swan lake is always hot here.

And we have another Russian company in late Jan / early Feb: Russian National Theatre Ballet, accompanied by Russian National Philharmonic (?) with "Swan Lake","Nutcracker" and "Sleeping Beauty". Have no clue whether they are worth seeing or not.

Too many Russian companies visiting here. Most of them are simply not as good as our Chinese local companies.

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Kevin, I wouldn't want to disparage The Moscow Classical Ballet unless I knew for sure that is whose company we suffered through!

The program was pretty skimpy; the music was eek.gif recorded (OK, I know so was Stanton Welch's for his "Long and Winding Road" with ABT's Studio Co., but still!)

It reads: Akiva Talmi presents Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker Choreography by V. Vainone and Valery Lantratov.

"Masha" was plyaed by someone named Tatiana Predeina or it could have been Oxana Demchenko - there's no way of knowing because the program didn't specify!

I'll spare you the rest. I just want to be sure who I am talking about...so in the future I will know what or who to avoid!

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