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"Ballet 101"

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I don't know how many of you all remember to take a look at the "Links" section of Ballet Talk but you really should remember to check it out. :)

Today there one of the hyperlinks is to an article in New Jersey's Star-Ledger which gives an overview of dance history. True, it's not anywhere near as complete as Robert Greskovic's wonderful book Ballet 101: The Complete Guide To Learning and Loving the Ballet but it may whet your appetites. :)


"BALLET 101 -- Learning the language of dance"

by Robert Johnson

August 23, 2002

At weddings and bar mitzvahs, at college parties and in clubs, people go dancing. Practically everyone has cut a rug at some point in life...So why do many people still find dance, the friendliest art, so mysterious when they encounter it on a concert stage? ...

...It is worth the effort, though, to master the language of concert dance. Choreography and virtuoso performers, with their skillful execution of steps, heighten the experience that we ourselves have had dancing. They lift bodily communication to an exalted level. Watching people dance gives a pleasure unlike any other, because we can feel the movements in our own sinews...

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