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SFB school

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Hi there,

I have a question that i don't know whee to post, also i don't even know if it is appropriate. I have been wondering about this for sometime now.

About a year ago, in people magazine there was an article about a mother suing SFB school for denying her daughter into their school because she was overweight. I was wondering if anyone knowif this was resolved.

I know that weight issues are not discussed, but this really has more to do with the integrity of oneof the best schools in the country. I think it is sad that this occured at all, and if the mother was a wise dance teacher, as she claimed, she should have had an idea of this before hand. Anyway, would like to know if anyone knows anything.


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This was discussed at the time, Rachel -- but I don't know if the posts are still on the board. (We've had to delete lots of posts in the past because of space constraints.) You might do a search for San Francisco Ballet School or SFB School and see what turns up.

I don't remember, now, how this was resolved. Does anyone else? I think LMCTech and Paul Parish had opinions on this one -- I hope you don't mind my mentioning your names.

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The young girl's name was Fredrika Keefer, and a quick Google search seems to indicate the matter is still pending.

As a note, the School's position is that the denial of admission wasn't based on body type. It should also be noted there were 400 available places and 1400 applicants.

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