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Having serendipitously found a film called “Spring Night” tacked onto a DVD offering two ballet films (BLACK TIGHTS and BOLSHOI ‘67, marketed by TRITON and which I picked up in NYC for 9.99), I wonder if anyone hereabouts knows anything of this little film. It stars David Lichine, who also did the choreography, and Nana Gollner. Lichine performs the role of Pan and Gollner that of young woman swept into a dream/fantasy by Pan as a garden statue come to life for a smooth little acrobatic adagio. The film is barely noted on the packaging and not at all on the little, minimal (to say the most), credits’ card included w/the DVD. One really only learns of its being on the disk by playing the main titles’ feature where you learn that 1. Is BLACK TIGHTS 2. Is BOLSHOI ‘67 and 3. Is, quote: ‘SPRING NIGHT (Short). The film is dated 1935, w/ music by Joseph Acron.

The NYPLibrary for the Perf. Arts dance collection has only one reference that I can find to the film, mentioned somewhere in DANCE MAGAZINE, Apr. ‘76.

Anyone know more?

All information gladly accepted.



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