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ABT in the NY Times


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I read that one too - along with a nice article about Melissa Barak on page E3. The idea of affiliating with The Kennedy Center may give ABT just the transfusion of cash and PR they need...

Somehow, I'm sure you'll get some more learned responses later tonight. I would imagine there'll be a variety strong opinions. :D

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In the 1970s, ABT was the resident company of the Kennedy Center -- official title. They performed here for four weeks in the fall (including two weeks of Nutcracker) and three weeks in the spring, around Easter. They had a loving and loyal audience.

At the time, the company didn't have a home in New York. When they had the opportunity to have a Met season, they dropped the "resident company" of the Kennedy Center.

I don't think this means that they have to move here, but just have a connection, as they did before, and perhaps perform here more than once a week. They also had access to the Center's rehearsal space, too, of course.

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From the article it seems to say the arrangement, if they did affiliate, would not mean they would give up their season at the Met or their offices or studio space downtown in NYC. The question is whether this is a good move for them since they would give up their autonomy for a financial sure footing. There also seems to be lingering animosity from the whole Spisto tenure with people taking sides depending on where they came down in that whole mess. I would love to hear from the people who are more knowledgable than me on this and how they feel on the possiblity of a move!

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