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Novosibirst Ballet Establishes Sister-school in China

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Ballet in the People's Republic of China is definitely on the upswing. I just learned, from a Beijing-based friend, that the esteemed Russian ballet academy of Novosibirsk (a "Kirov offshot") has established a branch in the northeastern city of Harbin, China. Interesting turn of the tables. The Kirov/Vaganova Acad. established an offshoot in Washington, DC (official during the early 1990s, at least), and the Bolshoi Ballet's academy established an offshot in Joinville, Brazil...now we have Novosibirsk's 'sister academy'in Harbin.

Figure skating fans will undoubtedly know of Harbin - a large industrial city in the NE Chinese region of Manchuria - as the spawning ground of several famous Chinese skaters, such as Lu Chen and the pair Shen/Zhao.

Like the ballet academy in Perm (Urals region), that of Novosibirsk (Siberia region) was founded in the Soviet Era by teachers & ex-dancers of Leningrad's Kirov Ballet. A famous ex-director of the Novosibirsk Ballet is Oleg Vinogradov. Today, the Novosibirsk Ballet & its academy maintain a rigidly exact (pure) Vaganova style....which some would say is missing from the Mother School in St Petes/Leningrad. This is quite a coup for China.

Xin Xin, Helen, Wawa...have you heard this news? Pretty exciting, uh? Congrats to China!

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