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Alastair Macaulay's Thoughts About NYCB's Recent Rubies

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2 hours ago, vipa said:

I too look forward to reports on the gala. Alastair Macaulay had an interesting comment on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6go9P2AB_w/?img_index=1

I don't always agree with Macaulay but I share his feelings about Nadon in this particular role. For me, Kikta is the reigning Tall Girl, with her aura of mystery - and she just gives off the feeling that no one else on stage stands a chance against her! I wish she were given the Gala opportunity.  

Nadon has an extraordinary Emeralds (and a Diamonds debut is inevitable) so I look forward to them letting someone else have a try at it in upcoming seasons. 

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