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Bolshoi 2023/2024 Season


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This year the Bolshoi posted its own Ballet Day video in its usual format.


(thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie)  (subtitled in English)

What interests me primarily (for the moment anyway) and the only part that I’ve watched is the final 15 minutes with the Bolshoi’s new star, Eva Sergeyenkova, being coached in Swan Lake by Maria Allash, partnered by Artemy Belyakov, coached by Alexander Vetrov.

With a ballerina having such exceptional and one of a kind expressive qualities, it’s noteworthy to see what kind of input she receives and how she responds. Maria Allash, who once again displays a very competent yet equally pleasant method of guidance, offers comments such as these.

“Sing this pose till the end further there… and a very bright face.” “Raise your head up now.”

“No, don’t lift your hip together with the leg, separate your leg as you [stand]…and a little bit higher.

“Keep your wrist alive, Eva.”

“Sing every pose.”

Eva Sergeyenkova, much like Olga Smirnova in a previous Bolshoi Ballet Day rehearsal, is fully invested in her expression. The interaction between her and Maria Allash is probably one based on a cultivated mutual respect and an unspoken understanding. It’s a very nice and interesting behind the scenes glimpse.

The rehearsal starts at 2:46:00.



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The Bolshoi in Oman -- Raymonda -- January 25-27


25th of January, 19:00

Raymonda — Yulia Stepanova
Jean de Brienne — Dmitry Vyskubenko
Abderakhman — Mikhail Lobukhin


26th of January, 19:00

Raymonda — Alyona Kovalyova
Jean de Brienne — Artemy Belyakov
Abderakhman — Nikita Kapustin


27th of January, 14:00

Raymonda — Ekaterina Krysanova
Jean de Brienne — Dmitry Smilevski
Abderakhman — Mikhail Lobukhin

The Bolshoi Orchestra
Conductor — Pavel Sorokin



(thanks to FionaM at BalletcoForum)

Alyona Kovalyova, I would love to see.


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