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King Florestan I abdicates..!

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So what's up with Martins' little abdication ceremony at the end of his version...? I'm not sure I like it. And if King Florestan is abdicating, it would be in favor of his daughter and not his son in law! Prince Desiree would be a Prince Consort. If anything, it should had been King Florestan going to Princess Aurora and placing his crown on her, while Prince Desiree could be just be happy to be the consort. Both of them could had then walk up to the throne seats in their new ropes and posed as planned. 😉


I was looking into both Perrault and the Grimm brothers' tales, and none of them mentions the passing of the crown. Neither Vsevolozhsky's libretto.

But if Princess Aurora becomes Queen Aurora at the end, it should had been in the right way, I think....😎

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