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Bolshoi Super stars of 2023


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Happy new year ballet lovers! 

I have just signed in on this website. I am just really curious to know your opinions on who are going to be the most important dancer sin Bolshoi this year. In my opinion, I would love to see Elizaveta Kokoreva, Eva Sergeenkova and Ksenia Zhiganshina taking on some important leading roles. I think they absolutely deserve it. Unfortunately on YB there aren't many good quality videos of them dancing, I wish Bolshoi Theatre would make more performances of them available. I want to see them performing Swan Lake! :) What are your opinions?

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Hi @dec.lilinyc --welcome to Ballet Alert and happy new year. I think you will probably get your wish about the dancers you have mentioned. For my taste, video suggests that Sevenard seems to be developing very beautifully too. But there is a special section on Ballet Alert devoted to to talking about the Bolshoi and you are likelier to get responses if you post your query there as that is where Bolshoi fans are likeliest to read and post. (Probably there is less posting than in the past due to the war and lack of touring.) If you go to the home page and scroll down, then you will see a menu item for European ballet companies and if you click on that you will see a Bolshoi ballet category with many threads. You can start a discussion there or join a previous discussion.

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