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Elisabeth Beyer


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She does stand out.

Hopefully her recent admission to the main American Ballet Theatre company as an Apprentice is the beginning of a trajectory that will gain her wide recognition. She certainly has the talent to deserve this.

Among her many very impressive attributes several stand out for me at the moment. Her jumps have wonderful shape and airiness. Her highlight positioning is regal. As vibrant as she is in dance and presence she also has a remarkable gracefulness which can be seen in the final video where she’s the first dancer.

I would say that she has a remarkable touch of everything that adds up to her being as fine an example of an American ballerina as there is, in the most positive sense, and an equally important one as a ballerina of the World.

Here are some glimpses.




Here she's the first dancer.


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In the For What It’s Worth department.

Of all the ballerinas that I’m watching on the internet, several dominate my attention and one is still a Student and one has just been made an Apprentice. Another is also very young.

The Apprentice — Elisabeth Beyer — ABT, A Touch of Everything

The Student —Valeria Kuznetsova — Perm Ballet School, Grace

The Rising Star — Eva Sergeenkova — Bolshoi, Expression


Of the several videos that I’m watching of Elisabeth Beyer this one charms me at the moment.


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