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Colorado Ballet 2021-2022 roster

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The Colorado Ballet today posted their new roster for 2021-22. No news releases or announcements.

Principals: Dana Benton, Yosvani Ramos and Asuka Sasaki continue.

Francisco Estevez announced on public instagram on April 17 that this would be his final performance with the company. "Today is my final show with Colorado Ballet. Though I never intended to leave in this way at this time during the strangest year in my career, I always trust that things will fall into place." He is teaching this summer at other Colorado academies and doing some guest performances. I have absolutely no idea what the story is, but he will be sorely missed. Yosvani Ramos recently celebrated his 41st birthday on public Instagram.

Soloists: Jennifer Grace, Mario Labrador, Leah McFadden [promoted from corps], Christopher Moulton, Nicolas Pelletier, Jonnathan Ramirez, Kevin Gael Thomas, Sarah Tryon [promoted from corps] [Morgan Buchanan left]

EDITED TO ADD: As Sasaki on public Facebook has announced that she is expecting in October, it looks like a lot of these soloists will be getting opportunities in the eight performances of Giselle this October. Grace and Ramirez joined the company post-shut-down, so I have not seem them. Labrador was just announced. Moulton is likely to get an Albrecht. Like so many other organizations post-COVID, we are seeing a major transition in the organization.

Demi Soloists: MacKenzie Dessens [promoted from corps], Sean Omandan, Melissa Zoebisch

Corps: Joshua Allenback, Simon Zinabu Costello, Liam Hogan, Bryce Lee, Francesca Martoccio, Ariel McCarty, Jessica Payne, Alexander Roy, Jeremy Studinski, Sara Thomas, Alexandra Wilson [Ben Winegar left]

Apprentices: Ever Larson, Jacob Ray, Catherine Aoki, Catherine McGregor, Sheridan Guerin, Patrick Minh, Christopher Mitchell

So, a total of 25 + 7 apprentices. In July 2020 they had 25 + 7 apprentices

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