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Live & outdoors (Atlanta Ballet)

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Atlanta Ballet has been giving live, outdoor performances at Georgia Tech, performing their Silver Linings program(s) to modest audiences organized into pods of 2 or 4 with each pod seated in separate temporary enclaves. They also arranged a food truck for before the performance, so you can sit in your little enclave and eat (I guess). It sounded fun and I'd like to have attended or attend this coming weekend when there will be more performances. Unfortunately it's not in the cards.

In fact I'm not sure how many people were there last weekend--the video they posted suggested not many as did the very positive review they received--but they did perform live and will be this weekend as well. Both programs being done include the new Claudia Schreier work Pleiades Dances.

I just saw on FB or Instagram (can't remember which) that live May fundraiser party has been postponed to September due to people not being ready to venture out to a party.  I feel for the dancers and the company...but it's tough times all round.

Here's the Arts Atlanta review of the performance this past weekend:



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