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Departures (Nash & Martin)


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Just learned a few minutes ago, through an announcement on Atlanta Ballet's FB page, that one of the company's best dancers, Jackie Nash, is departing.  She has long been one of Atlanta Ballet's strongest and most reliable dancers --often (as in their Nutcracker where she played  ...well...a super adorable and graceful chicken) one of the most charming and witty as well. I missed her Effie in Sylphide but she was terrific leading the highland reel at the performance I attended.  I also got a kick out of the fact that one of the teachers at the school where she trained in Connecticut was, years earlier, one of my ballet teachers. She will be much missed. She is, however, not retiring, as the company announcement makes clear, but departing for Atlanta-based Terminus Modern Ballet Theater. (Latter was founded by former Atlanta Ballet company dancers--several of whom left on their own steam while others were pushed as Nedvigin went into his second year as company Director.)

When I went to Instagram to set up a link to the announcement of Nash's departure,  it was "OH NO!!" as I found out there that Moisés Martin is also departing. Martin--probably known to some on this site from his career at other companies including San Francisco ballet--is an elegant dancer and, as best I can judge as an audience member, also a skillful partner.  When I saw him, he made an especially attractive pair with Jessica Assef. As far as I can guess from company bios etc. he must be around 40 so it doesn't seem shocking he would leave, but it's still a loss to the company.  (I suppose a careful reading of my previous posts on performances in which he appeared might lead one to suspect that his appearance on stage made me swoon, but I'm not confirming one way or another :wink:.)  Links to Instagram posts about both of these wonderful dancers below--both posts include video fragments of their dancing:






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