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NEH grants to dance-December 2020

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The National Endowment for the Humanities just announced 213 new grants. 

https://www.neh.gov/sites/default/files/inline-files/NEH December 2020 grants state by state.pdf

Of special interest, grants to dance:

Tuscaloosa University of Alabama Outright: $99,996 [Digital Humanities Advancement Grants] Project Director: Rebecca Salzer; Gesel Mason (co-project director) Project Title: Prototyping an Extensible Framework for Access to Dance Knowledge Project Description: The creation of an online resource to increase accessibility to recordings of works by Black choreographers along with tools to make it easier to study dance by providing the ability to search and create connections across collections.

Ofosuwa Abiola Outright: $15,000 [Awards for Faculty] Howard University Project Title: Unwitting Witnesses: Unearthing Narratives of African Dance in PreColonial Logs  Project Description: Archival research leading to a book about dance in West Africa prior to 1880.

Hampton University Outright: $149,267 [Humanities Initiatives: HBCUs] Project Director: Laura Battaglia Project Title: Documenting the Legacy of Charles H. Williams on the Campus of Hampton University Project Description: A two-year initiative to create teaching and archival resources about dance and campus architectural history and to integrate them into the university curriculum.


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