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Alessa Rogers (video) in Firebird


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Today Atlanta Ballet posted video of a pas de deux from Yuri Possokhov's Firebird (in this version the Princess is on pointe and gets a pas de deux with Ivan)--I'm posting because it features Alessa Rogers who was, until her departure, my favorite Atlanta Ballet ballerina. She left the company a few years ago and now dances for the Royal Swedish Ballet. 

Rogers also has a blog (The Expat Ballerina) that she updates now and then and which mostly documents her travels (most recently a hiking trip through the alps).  I wish I could post footage of her in the Maillot Romeo and Juliet or Tharp's Princess and the Goblin, but this will have to do. She is dancing with Christian Clark who is also no longer with the company. I expect they are posting this because they plan to bring back the Possokhov Firebird in September: 


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