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Festival Ballet Providence./Ballet Theatre of Boston

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Today I saw "Esmeralda" by the Festival Ballet Providence (George Lyssenko choreographer)--it was of particular interest because several of the dancers who were let go by the Boston Ballet last year ended up there. (I did recognize some BB staff and dancers in the audience which was kind of poignant) Aleksandra Koltun who was formerly a Principal at Boston Ballet is really stunning--she was Esmeralda. (The other former BB members were Alex Lapshin and Gleb Lyamenkoff) And I really liked the ballet--I thought they did a great job with the dancing and acting--the scenery was simple but effective and likewise the costumes. The men in the company were really impressive--well-rounded and strong--this was a definate improvement over the last time I saw the company--probably at a children's performance last year. The guest artist who was Quazimodo was phenomenal--Cornel Crabtree--his bio says he was formerly with NYCB and MCB--it was a character role with a lot of physical dancing.

Additionally Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre (of Boston) is performing this month--I am hoping to get to see them in their new studios this time!

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