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  1. Just quickly(have to pick up at ballet), I was very distracted by Ms Barker's exceptionally hyperextended legs--I thought it ruined her otherwise gorgeous line. I was, though, curious to see her dance and actually like seeing guests.
  2. Daughter thought BB's Nutcracker needed "more snow." The former snow scene choreography was our favorite! She wasn't so bothered by adult Clara (except it took opportunity away from a kid) BUT she thought the giant Fritz was ridiculous! If I remember correctly RB has an adult Clara who dances with kids and a younger smaller brother.
  3. I was really looking forward to seeing Raymonda because I'd only ever seen variations from it. The problem was there was not much personality, no sparkle. The Bolshoi women were lovely dancers. The men were forgettable unfortunately. I saw The Pharoah's Daughter in London with Zakharova (I thought she was stunning). Though my view was obstructed, the company seemed to be in much finer form in London.
  4. Katherine Hartsell and Roman Zavarov were in the Spring performances 7i (did Swan Lake Pas de Trois)--so they were at least students there last year.
  5. Also BBS seemed to make a conscious decision to move away from Russian training--so one cannot forget to factor that into the decision to release Madame Leagt. I would argue that excellent teaching is excellent teaching--although I KNOW talented students who did not jibe with her style. Of course not every teacher is right for every student--even the talented ones.
  6. Ms Lamb is an exceptional talent and Madame Legat nurtured that above and beyond the classroom experience--and into her professional career. I think it was an inspiring relationship, but I do think it was unique. Perhaps Madame's strength is as a coach and mentor--and if that is the case perhaps $ was an issue. It is too bad that schools cannot afford to support a mentoring tradition.
  7. I think it is amazing that Ms. Lamb is going to the RB--it is an experience that so few Americans have had. Fans of the BB will miss their hometown dancer--but it really is a natural progression. As for Madame Legat: she is teaching at a summer program in Brookline MA in August with several other former BBS teachers. It is my opinion that Ms Lamb's relationship with Madame Legat was exceptionally unique.
  8. Rather late in the game I realize, I'd like to recommend The Dancer. It may only be available on video--but Katja Bjorner is breathtaking.
  9. You'll are just fountains of info--I, too, was wondering about Naomi Nari Nam. The other skater I was always wondering about was a fabulous young ice dancer--I think Jamie Silver(stein)--but I could be wrong--her former partner was at the nationals this year. If I remember correctly they did quite well jr. internationally and were beginning to skate as seniors. Another random ice skating question--I recall reading a blurb somewhere about a book written by a competitive ice skater--sort of an insider's view. Of course, I've lost my diary where I wrote down the title...has anyone heard of it or read it?
  10. I cried too. Sasha Cohen is likely the most gifted female skater ever, but Michelle Kwan connects with the audience in a magical way. She is a pure joy to watch.
  11. jbtlse


    In my experience, BB is not great about posting cast info on their site. That said for the first time in my recent memory it was available online for the Don Q and Mozartiana etc programs--but maybe that was because of the hyped guest artists and Ms Gelfand's final performance. Honestly, Nutcracker is such a madhouse I can't imagine they'll post--however, the playbill inserts usually cover 5 or so performances--so maybe they'll know casts for this week if you call--who to call I don't know!!
  12. Just came on to say "false alarm"--probably would be better worded as PUBLIC SYMPATHY/good will (like the buyout of the private performance and the $3 million gift) as Wang seems to be in no position to be generous (according to article in Globe today). Anyway fingers still crossed!
  13. I am wondering if I have missed something regarding the Wang and Nutcracker 2004. In a letter on Boston Ballet letterhead to the parents of Nutcracker children regarding Nutcracker pick up changes (made to lighten the conjestion caused by double parking etc) they state: "Help us keep the good will that we have been receiving as a result of the Wang's decision for next years Nutcracker going and please do not double park" Am I reading too much into this or does it appear that the BB has been granted a one year stay? Moderators, if this is too speculative please delete.
  14. The polichinelle dance has changed a bit over the past few years--the most recent rechoreograph is by company member Gianni Di Marco--he often plays Mother Ginger and has a great relationship with the kids. Don't expect it to be just the same, but it's very sweet and shows a lot of personality.
  15. Yes, there are boosters available--you just have to leave your license--may run out so don't get there too late. I like the dress circle seats with little ones--or anyone really!
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