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ABT Snippet on Tonight Show

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Guest coseypooh

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that received those e-mails. I'm staying on NBC as we speak waiting for the Tonight Show to see their mini-performance. smile.gif

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If you didn't see the Tonight Show, you didn't miss much. We got to see Julie Kent and Angel Corella as the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier, along with the fairies (or are they butterflies??), doing a very brief excerpt from the final pas de deux.

They appeared to be dancing on a stage in the studio accompanied by a live orchestra. The stage was very small and the orchestra sounded very off-key, neither of which helped the performance.

The highlight of the performance was the close-up of Angel's wonderfully fast, multi revolution pirouette at the very beginning of the excerpt. Julie Kent seemed to be dancing ahead of the music, but it could have been a problem with the timing between the dancers and the orchestra. She seems a bit tall for Corella, but he managed the lifts well (I prefer Balanchines's go-for-broke flying shoulder lifts!)


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I thought that, if anything, those few minutes presented an unflattering appearance to a nation-wide audience. I felt badly for the dancers. The music WAS horrible, tinny-sounding, the "stage" if you can call it that, was much too tiny, those silly corps costumes were just that, and Julie Kent looked either scared or cautious (there was no room to move) or both. I kept trying to imagine whether an audience, ignorant of ballet, might be moved to consider buying tickets following that little performance and the answer in my mind was a resounding no. What a shame. It would've been better had it just been Corella and Kent alone so they could at least move without fear of tripping over a corps dancer.

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