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Berlin's Candy Cane.

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As we know, Staatsoper has a Nutcracker that uses the Imperial era sets and costumes original designs. Choreo wise, this is not, technically, a reconstruction, but there comes a question about it. On this snippets, one can see choreo for both the Fee Dragee/Prince Coqueluche pdd and Candy Cane dances  have a direct link to Petipa/Ivanov. The Fee Dragee pdd has survived quite intact via Sergueev/Markova in Europe and Fedorova in America. Candy Cane is more problematic though. We know Balanchine knew and staged its choreo by heart, knowing it first hand. But...is this choreo now Balanchine trademarked ...? Can it be used outside the Trust scope as another Imperial surviving piece...? Can it be used in Berlin without licensing or Balanchine's name...? Can the Trust limit its staging even if he didn't create it originally...?


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