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piano/viola music of ballets...........

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where can you get ballet music arranged for the piano and the viola? I'm grade 5 piano and grade 2 viola................. Does any one have any ideas at all?

I'd particularly like music from Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, La Sylphide, oh and modern pieces as well!

I appreciate all help,

luv Em

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"Les Sylphides" is easy -- just look for a collection of Chopin favorites. For other ballets, try entering "ballet sheet music" or something like that in a search engine and see what turns up. You may have to do a lot of clicking around, but you should be able to find piano versions of all the major ballets. Viola arrangements, I suspect, are going to be much harder to locate, and it might be easier (and more interesting) to devise your own.

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most popular ballets (i.e., Nutcracker, Swan Lake) are commonly found in piano transcription. I personally have the Nutcracker one :) Les Sylphides full ballet can be found more likely as separate pieces.

For those that cannot be found in transcription, there's the alternative of doing it oneself but it's time consuming and some music may not be suitable for single-instrument transcription (i.e., heavily orcherstated music such as Mahler's 2nd symphony).

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