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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to get hold of ballet stories for children? I have been in north west England for the last month and have a couple of weeks left. I was hoping to get hold of some books I remember from when I was younger. It would be particularly good to include ones from the Sadler's Wells series by Lorna Hill and the Drina Adams series by Jean Estoril. So far I have ordered a 50p copy of 'Rosanna joins the Wells' by Lorna Hill. I also picked up a 40p copy of 'A dream of Sadler's Wells' at the local market this morning. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  2. I heard about this: http://www.nach-mir.de/gronemeyer-portal/f.../body_demo.html and I played it. I quite liked the song but I only have 5th form German so I'm not too sure of the information about the dancer (Polina Seminova?) I liked it. I was wondering if it's oldish or what....I've never heard of Herbert Gronemeyer... So any info or opinions would be interesting (Also, should I post this here???? )
  3. Joining the conversation rather late... I read TDVC and I thought it was.....a load of rubbish. I was certainly caught up in it while I was reading it, but upon reflection I wasn't particularly impressed. I'm only seventeen but I wasn't drawn to any characters. Having since read Deception Point and Digital Fortress I was amazed at the lack of originality in the same sort of figure being the 'bad guy' in all three books!!! *I've discussed it with my friends and we agree that Brown has an obvious preference to highly intelligent women with legs, and highly attractive AND intelligent men. * Then again, I wouldn't say this genre is my favourite anyway. In the last chapter, Brown mentions that the Catholic Church, Opus Dei, etc had nothing to with the real thing...but they had been implicated throughout the story. Overall, I feel that I didn't waste my time because it was really only a book, and it did hold my attention, but, there was controversy around it which did sort spark my interest... I'm not meaning to be inappropriate. NB: I have been raised a Catholic....but I read it regardless. I think its harmless as long as no one proclaims it as gospel
  4. oooooooooooooooooooh! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you could!!!!!!!!! Love, Emily
  5. I got 11 Dance Australia magazines out of the library but I don't know if I should subscribe?????? I was wondering does any one, do you like it? Please tell... Thanks
  6. There are 13 Drina books, the last is Drina Ballerina, there is Drina dances in NY: Paris: Madeira: on tour etc. I don't know how many Satin Slippers there are, I only have 2.
  7. Hi, Does any one know any good ballet DVDs? I mean, both story ones like Centerstage and actual ballets like Coppelia and workouts like the New York Ballet one. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also any links........... Thanks! Love Em
  8. But isn't Dance magazine online???????????????? I 'm not sure, so if any one knows...................... Also in Pointe, Dancespirit is advertised. Is that good?????????? Thanks!
  9. I've got the DVD, I like it. I've only done ballet for 1 and a half years and I understand the DVD. I think as long as you know even a little ballet it can really help. Esp. for me cos I have weak abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I got the june/july issue of pointe! It's so good, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to subscribe. The only slightly bad thing is that I don't live in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Pointe mag!!!!! Love, Em
  11. Hi I have read all of the 'Drina' series and most of the 'Wells' series and the first two 'Satin slippers' Can you get any of these on the internet? Where? I looked on the amazon site but I couldn't find them. I love to read them! Any other series or books you could recommend? I'm 14. Love, Em
  12. Is the Pointe magazine good? I live in New Zealand so it's hard to get any ballet magazines, but I thought I might try looking for some thing on the internet. Cost does matter coz the American dollar is $2.30 or some thing over here. What are the best ballet mags and any sites............. Love Em
  13. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I finally found a little book of Swan Lake arranged for the piano!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pieces are easy!!!!! Love Em
  14. I read some where that you can lookat a dancer and know they dance. Not by getting them to move but the way they hold themselves, you can tell. Is this true? I don't know if this should go here.......... Love Em
  15. Thank you! Yes, I think thats what it was refering to. They kept saying about Baronova(sp?) and the other 2. Thanks!
  16. I think I get it now. Thanks, these books were so mindboggling. Also both the books mentioned baby ballerinas. Who are they??? Or is it a general term? Thanks, Em
  17. Was Marie Taglioni (sp?) the first ballerina to dance on pointe? But then who was Carlotta Grisi(sp?)???????????????? I am so confused, I have just finished 2 contradicting books. Please help! Love, Em
  18. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did mean Coppelia, I forgot to edit it because I was in a rush! Thank you so much for the links and the titles, I'll check the video store and the library for the titles
  19. I'm not sure if this is the right forun to post, but what are good videos of the RB???? You see, I live in New Zealand and they don't tend to come out here. I've seen the 1980some thing Coppelis which was excellent. What are any of their best videos?????????? Thanks! Emily
  20. No, in NZ, we aren't very classically minded:) But in my family, we have alot of exposure to classical mucic. I play the piano and the viola. I have tried the flute and the oboe. But thats just me! My brothers play the violin(the two older ones do)and one plays the clarinet. Music has always been a big part of my life, I guess I take it for granted. Some of my most irritating agruments have been about who will choose the 'dinner music'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But just recently (about the time I restarted ballet) I did 'fall inlove' with classical music. Thanks for asking! luv, Em
  21. Hey! where can you get ballet music arranged for the piano and the viola? I'm grade 5 piano and grade 2 viola................. Does any one have any ideas at all? I'd particularly like music from Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, La Sylphide, oh and modern pieces as well! I appreciate all help, luv Em
  22. The usual story. I did it when I was 7-9ish. I took it up again a couple of years ago after being inspired by beautiful dancing from the RNZB in Cinderella. I read books and phoned some schools and know I'm adoring it more than ever! I love ballet music and have lots of cds etc. I can say that ballet has given me a joy of dance and music for life. I don't want to be a pro, I just love to dance, Thanks for the other incredible msgs, See ya's, Em
  23. As soon as I posted I found it, It was in the programme the address is www.nzballet.org.nz see ya's Em
  24. The choreographer was Micheal Pink, he also directed. It had 3 acts. They hang Esmeralda ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!! Phillip Feeney composed the music. They said it was based on the Northern Ballet Theatre production. I think you probably know the story. A hunchback (Quasimodo danced by Vivencio Samblaceno) falling in love with a gypsy. If you go on the NZ Ballet website it has reviews etc. on it and info on the dancers. I think the address is.......... I can't find it but i'll post it later or when I find it. Its a really good site if your keen.
  25. It was so good. I went when Pieter Symonds was Esmeralda. She is good. It made me cry it was so good. With the tragic story and the beautiful dancing. I have subscribed for the year so I will see Swan Lake and Carmen. I can;t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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