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Royal Ballet Spring 2019 Casting Posted !


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Link to ROH official website: https://www.roh.org.uk/seasons/2018-19/spring/events

What attracts me most is the wonderful R & J casts: Natalia Osipova + David Hallberg, Sarah Lamb + Vadim Muntagirov,  Francesca Hayward + Corrales (saw him on WBF Tokyo, wonderful technique although not very handsome. I hope he will be a better partner than Golding).

Yasmine Naghdi + Matthew Ball are cast for R & J cinema broadcast on June 11th. There was a lot of acclaim for their debut in 2015. 

Stix-Brunell, Cuthbertson, Lamb & Muntagirov are cast for Within the Golden Hour / New Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Flight Pattern cinema broadcast on May 16th.

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13 hours ago, Xiaoyi said:

 Corrales (saw him on WBF Tokyo, wonderful technique although not very handsome

Corrales is phenomenal, not just for his dancing but for his acting skills which are off the Richter scale and probably the result of his being a child actor (rather like the great John Gilpin),  He has been dancing the relatively minor role of a Hungarian Officer in Mayerling, no doubt so that he can familiarize himself with the Opera House stage, but even in that role I heard the name 'Corrales' buzzing round the amphi as people realized something very special has landed in their midst. 

Tonight he makes his debut as Solor, with Romeo and Basilio lined up for later this season - and he is a mere twenty two years of age. For the record I consider him to have a very pleasant face.

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