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Kirov 's Covent Garden season- Cast changes

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Guest David M

Dear Kevin Ng,

You are so imformative re he castings at C/G and the Kirov.

Can you advise where you get all yout info.



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In the hopes of saving Kevin from trying to figure out a way to answer this, I'll ask that he not. :)

I'm sure a lot of people are wondering what happened to Makhalina, or other dancers -- it's a good question -- but I'm afraid I have to step in again and say any answer would fall into the Gossip bin. The answer will depend on who one asks, and there's no guarantee that it will be accurate. Unfortunately, while rehearsal schedules and cast lists are posted openly backstage in most theaters, Currently Out of Favor with the Directorship Lists are not, and there's no Injured Reserve list in ballet, as there is in sports.

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Yulia Makhalina danced last year with the Kirov at the ROH. She danced a powerful Firebird on 15th August. She also performed with a small company led by Igor Zelensky at the Lowry Theatre Salford on 25th August. She danced the Don Quixote PDD with Igor Zelensky.

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