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Kirov 's Covent Garden season- Cast changes

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Tonight's opening Sleeping Beauty was led by Natalia Sologub and Andrian Fadeyev.

I've found out about the following changes in casting in Sleeping Beauty. Tomorrow's (Wed.) matinee will be danced by Zhanna Ayupova and Anton Korsakov. In tomorrow's evening performance with Diana Vishneva and Igor Kolb, the Bolshoi's Nikolai Tsiskaridze will dance the Blue Bird pas de deux with Daria Pavlenko. Thursday night - Svetlana Zakharova and Igor Zelensky.

Due to Ivanchenko's injury, his performances in Manon and Le Corsaire will be danced by Ilya Kuznetsov.

Other changes are-

Le Corsaire - Svetlana Zakharova to replace Lopatkina on 22 June, and Sofia Gumerova will dance on 23 June matinee.

Swan Lake - Gumerova on 30 June afternoon, and Zakharova on 30 June evening.

Fokine programme - Igor Kolb, instead of Danila Korsuntsev, will dance Chopiniana on 5 and 7 July.

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The Bolshoi's Nikolai Tsiskaridze, who missed the Bolshoi Stars season at Drury Lane last month due to injury, is in great form and was a dazzling Blue Bird tonight. Tsiskaridze will dance "Rubies" this weekend on 15, 16, and 17 June with Diana Vishneva.

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Originally posted by Marc Haegeman:

[QB]Nioradze will replace Asylmuratova on 21 June - if nothing changes before it happens, of course.

Not as far as I know. The cast for Manon on 21 June is Diana Vishneva and Ilya Kuznetsvov. Other performances of Manon -

18 June- Zakharova and Kuznetsov

19 June- Nioradze and Zelensky

20 mat.- Ayupova and Kuznetsov

20 eve.- Nioradze and Zelensky

Also on 3 July, Andrian Fadeyev to replace the injured Ivanchenko in Apollo.

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Hmmm...not pleased. I spent a small fortune (for a student budget) on a seat to see Makhalina in Manon. I don't know either Ayupova or Kuznetsov - info on Russian dancers seems to be a bit lacking on the net. Can someone tell me a bit about them?

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Sylvia, may be it will be a small comfort, but Ayupova is a very beautiful lyrical/dramatic dancer with a very pure style. There is such a light about her when she is moving, it's impossible to take your eyes off her. I saw her about a month ago in The Fountain of Bahchisaray (not a favorite of mine) at the Mariinsky and it was definitely a highlight of my ballet-going career.

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Updated casting for Jewels this weekend. Changes from the advertised casting are as follows.

Emeralds - Andrian Fadeyev to replace Viktor Baranov as Maya Dumchenko's partner.

Rubies - Diana Vishneva and Nikolai Tsiskaridze on 15, 16 eve., and 17 June. Elvira Tarasova and Anton Korsakov on 16 mat.

Diamonds - Daria Pavlenko and Igor Zelensky on 16 June mat., Pavlenko and Danila Korsuntsev on 16 June eve.

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It's my first live experience with the Kirov - I really wasn't expecting all the casting changes here and there! Anyway, thanks for the links and info - I guess I'm going to Manon with a lighter heart.

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Originally posted by sylvia:

[QB]It's my first live experience with the Kirov - I really wasn't expecting all the casting changes here and there!

Sylvia, cast changes are the most fun part of seeing the Kirov ballet. Sometimes I book tickets for scheduled casts I don't want to see. Often things turn out differently, and I get to see my favourites eventually. :)

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No, Irma Nioradze hasn't gone home. She just danced Medora in Le Corsaire tonight, though I prefer Sofia Gumerova this afternoon. And Lankadem, in particular, was strongly cast - with Anton Korsakov in the afternoon, and Andrian Fadeyev (being cast against type) who acted and danced vivaciously tonight.

The Rubies cast on Monday has been changed. It will be Irina Golub and Anton Korsakov.

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I don't know what her injury was, but even after an entire Corsaire on Saturday she seemed very well and not to be suffering at all (and signing lots of autographs!). Just out of interest did anyone also notice a huge bruise on Diana Vishneva's hip after her Manon? It looked quite nasty to me, I hope it was nothing serious. Speaking of durable dancers, Ilya Kuznetsov has danced every night this week and still seems to show not a trace of tiredness, I don't know what the Kirov would have done without him this season.


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Salome, I second your appreciation for Ilya Kuznetsov's hard work last week. He danced 6 performances - 3 of Manon and 3 of Le Corsaire. I didn't see Vishneva's Manon however.

By the way, Dmitri Simeonov will dance the Act 1 pas de trois in Swan Lake this Sat. afternoon.

After the Balanchine programme early next week, a part of the Kirov company - e.g. Irina Golub, Andrian Fadeyev, Danila Korsuntsev etc. - will leave London early to dance for a week in Granada. The Kirov will do a divertissements programme in Granada including "Rubies", "Raymonda" Act 3, "Le Spectre de la Rose".

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For the record, the afternoon and evening casts of Sleeping Beauty were swapped round at the last minute. Sologub and Fadeyev danced in the matinee instead, while Vishneva and Korsakov danced the evening performance.

Casting for Swan Lake should be-

Thur. - Lopatkina, Korsuntsev

Fri. - Gumerova, Zelensky.

Sat. mat. - Gumerova, Korsuntsev

Sat. eve. - Zakharova, Kolb

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The Bolshoi star Nikolai Tsiskaridze returned to London today to guest with the Kirov, and will dance the 3rd movement of Symphony in C on Monday.

Yulia Makhalina won't be in London next week to do her scheduled performances of Scheherazade.

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