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The National Ballet of China Toured in Germany


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Last summer the National Ballet of China had a tour in Germany. They performed for audiences of Saar International Music Festival in Saarbrücken and the 43th Ballet Festival of Hamburg.  


In the evening of July 8 of 2017, the Chinese ballet troupe presented a series of short programs including classical and modern ballet, from western ballet to Chinese ballet, in Saarlandhalle.
Grand Pas de Quatre - Wang Qimin, Cao Shuci, Xu Yan, Fang Mengying
PDD in Don Quixote - Qiu Yunting, Ma Xiaodong
L'Arlésienne - leading dancers Cao Shuci, Zhang Xi
Silk Dance -
Closing Eyes in Dark -
The Yellow River - leading dancers Zhang Jian, Sun Ruichen


Mr. Robert Leonardy, the Director of the Saar International Music Festival and a famous pianist, said after the show:

the performance of National Ballet of China is exquisite. I am an artist, I felt proud to bring such wonderful program for audiences of Saar International Music Festival. The repertoire of ballet gala let us go through the history of Chinese ballet art, very exciting. Especially, the symphonic ballet "Yellow River" fourth movement had strong resonance for all the audience, because there is a section of the Saar River here, and also courageous people. The quality of whole performances of tonight were very high, so that the audience very touched. And it is extremely rare to have such scene in the previous music festivals before.











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Today was quite different. We were able to see many aspects of the chinese dance art, both the classical dance, and also the typical character dance of china. And the most important, the creative challenge of young chinese choreographers. This is the only way in which the dance can go forward.

-- John Neumeier (shown on China Central TV)




The second stop in National Ballet of China's touring of Germany is Hamburg.


The following introduction of the National Ballet of China, program and casting list are from Hamburg Ballet's website. 


The Crane Calling, Dancers: Wang Qiming, Ma Xiaodong

Close Your Eyes When It Is Getting Dark, Dancers: Zhang Jian, Wang Qiming, Ma Xiaodong
How Beautiful Is Heaven, Dancers: Sun Yali, She Zhaohuan
Buddha Ji, Dancer: Wu Siming
Sacrifice, Dancers: Xu Yan, Zhang Yao
Yellow River, Leading Dancers: Zhang Jian, Sun Ruichen


After the curtain calls, Master John Neumeier went up to the stage with happy smiling and  rapturous applause. He said: "The performance is very successful! You could present such a different style of works in a party, that showed the new achievements of Chinese ballet art!"


In the evening reception, Master John Neumeier talked about the long-time friendship and corporation between Hamburg Ballet and NB of China. He recalled the first visiting of Beijing, when Hamburg Ballet made the first show-up on China's stage, the Artistic Director Feng Ying and he decided to develop exchanging and corporation between the two ballet troupes. Since then, some Chinese dancers have been invited to participate in Nijinsky Gala. And in 2011 the whole troupe of NB of China came to Hamburg to present Chinese ballet Raise the Red Lantern, which is a ballet with enriched ethical color and Chinese characteristics.




In my opinion, the best of NB of China is that Chinese dancers can perform and interpret a ballet with special quality and delicate charm. They are quite unique in the world. During the corporation to stage ballets The Little Mermaid in 2012 and Song of the Earth in 2017 for NB of China, I saw the Chinese actors could express the deep emotion and artistic conception in the drama. I also recreated the ballet Spring & Fall in a new and inspired version, that was joined with Song of the Earth to merge together to a tribute to life, the seasons, and the Earth.


In tonight's show I not only saw the good classical ballet training of Chinese dancers, but also pluralistic aspects of Chinese dances. I hope that the friendship between the Hamburg Ballet and the Central ballet troupe would continue forever in the ballet art exchange between China and Germany.  




















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