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SAB Workshop Performance


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I saw the final rehearsal and was very impressed with this year's crop of young dancers. Great enthusiasm for their work. They tackled the intricate rhythms of "Danses Concertante" with speed and elan. Outstanding! Also fine was the rendering of "Four T's". This amazing ballet can look different depending on who is dancing and here it had an urgency and a "in the moment" look to it rarely seen at NYCB at times. A wonderful showcase for some extraordinary talent. Did anyone see this also and have a report?

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I've seen the three shows so far and I agree! Not only that, the performances got better from one to the next. I'd like to single out some dancers for particular praise but I don't think that's right, or even allowed here, for a school performance, even this school, especially in case of a rehearsal; but, that said, I've seen 4 T's in other Workshops and this bore comparison well.

And I haven't seen Dances Concertantes often enough in my long life yet.

(Thanks for the comparison to the parent company, too, another experience that has become much less common for this Chicagoan.)

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