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Brandstrup's Shaken Mirror (Rystet Spejl)

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Casting hasn't yet been officially announced on their website, but pictures from the performance have gone up! Beautiful, very atmospheric photos!


Judging from the photos, I recognise principals Susanne Grinder (very happy to see her featured so prominently!), Ulrik Birkkjær, Marcin Kupinski, Holly Dorger and Ida Praetorius. I also recognise corps dancers Astrid Elbo, Sebastian Haynes, Sebastian Kloborg and Ji Min Hong (also very happy to see her featured!). Character dancers Mette Bødtcher and Morten Eggert are also featured in the photos! It looks amazing, to be honest. If done well, this could be a highlight of the season and a perfect way to wrap it up before their brief Denmark tour and their big China tour over the summer months!

There are two dancers featured on the photos of the hanging/floating man and I'm not completely sure who they are, but my best guess would be Tobias Praetorius and Stephanie Chen Gundorph. One of those pictures has been used as header for the entire performance on the website!

So excited for this performance and glad I will get to see it on Sunday!

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About casting and people in the photos. After doing a little digging and comparing Come Fly Away casting with Rystet Spejl casting, I realise that the dancer coupled with T. Praetorius isn't Chen Gundorph, but soloist Christina Michanek. Very beautiful dancer whom I haven't seen enough of by far, she was an amazing Gypsy Queen in Don Q. Looking forward to this very much. Character dancers Lis Jeppesen and Poul-Erik Hesselkilde could also be spotted in the photos, so we have a very strong cast of older character dancers, too!

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I saw both the premiere performance and the performance earlier today and I'll post a more in-depth review tomorrow, but for now I need to say that this ballet is so much more than a ballet, it is art like in a modern exhibition, poetry in motion, literally. I loved it. All the dancers were well-cast and filled out their parts beautifully, individually and in connection with everyone else on stage. Perfect use of technology and film-like scenography. Beautiful sets and costumes. It was a whole performance. One that must be seen with the heart more than with the logical mind. This is by far the best modern piece the RDB has presented in all the time I've followed them and it is probably one of the best dance performances I've ever seen, full stop.

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