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Kirov Sleeping Beauty, 2/16 evening (Wash, DC)

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For me, this was the best of the five. Ayupova isn't 25 any more, but I like mature dancers. Her dancing is pearly, not sharp; she uses her upper body; she's musical; and she's danced the role enough to pull it together. The younger ones came out and did a series of solos. I've never seen the post-Rose Adagio solo danced FOR the Princes. I've read about Auroras who begin shyly and gain confidence through dancing, but I've never seen one (I missed Fonteyn and Kolpakova, and Lezhnina was too young when I saw her to do more than get through it). Ayuopova also makes distinctions among acts. The vision scene was dreamlike (it's not too much to ask) and the wedding pas de deux was very well danced.

Korsuntsev (Sunday afternoon) was the only one of the Princes on view here who measured up, for me. Everyone has pointed out the problem that the Prince walks on and nobody knows. At every performance I heard people make a comment, when the Tutor comes on, "god, is that the Prince? He looks so old?" but Semenov (if that is, indeed, who played Galifron at all performances; two names were listed in the program, but the program notes were obviously written by a disinformation specialist hanging on after the Cold War) is the most princely person on that stage. A bit fussy with his hankie, but a beautiful reverence and courtly manners. Fadeyev (like Kolb) was slack. That's the best word I can find for it. Perhaps this is what passes for elegance now? If you have too much energy, you can't be elegant? (Get some videos of Dowell and Nureyev; yes you can smile.gif ) Act II is the Prince's act, and we should have some idea of why the Lilac Fairy chose him to be Aurora's consort. The four princes in the Rose Adagio were more fully characterized. Fadeyev's dancing in Act III was also a bit slack, with some messy landings.

Saturday night was (I think) the second cast Carabosse, perhaps Islom Baimuradow). I liked Petrov (the first cast one) better, because he was more mysterious; his triumphant exit after he fells Aurora is made with such a burst of power that he seems magical. I'd have to see Baimuradov more to say anything more intelligent than that smile.gif

Pavlenko was Lilac. I like Part more, but that's completely preference; I like her Victorian air. Pavlenko was a lovely Lilac. She danced her solo beautifully -- she has a very light, high jump -- and she has a quiet, rather sophisticated (one has the feeling this Lilac is witty at private parties, but veils it for state occasions) tone in the mime. Part drips with goodness as with Lilacs. Pavlenko is more judicious; she picks her battles smile.gif

The ballet is such an ensemble piece, though, it's hard to single out people. It's the company (and the guest children) who get the gold medal, in my book.

There were several other Ballet Alertniks there, and I hope you'll tell us what you thought smile.gif

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Ayupova was one of the better Auroras on this run. In fact, I rate her just behind Diana Vishneva, who is as close-to-perfect an Aurora (beauty of face, youth, technique, natural 'charm') as I could ever hope to see. Ayupova met the technical challenges in an old-fshioned way (not bad for this production!) and still radiated a youthful glow...although she strained at times, even more so than in London-June 2000. Nice to see the 90-degree arabesques from someone! smile.gif

Fadeev is a lovely dancer but, like Korsakov in the Saturday matinee (opposite Sologub), looked too youthful & 'junior' next to his Aurora. Aurora's Boy Toy? Furthermore, Fadeev should fire his make-up advisor pronto. At least he didn't appear as grotesque as he did in Rubies a couple of nights earlier.

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