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Bolshoi Ballet (or Big Ballet) Returns this Fall

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The Russian tv channel Kultura is bringing back its reality competition 'Bolshoi Ballet' (or Big Ballet). It's coming this fall, and they just released the first clip of dancers rehearsing for it - Daria Khokhlova and Igor Tsvirko from the Bolshoi, rehearsing a piece with Fabio Palombo, a choreographer for the Netherlands Dance Theater (I might not have the name quite right - it's Фабио Паломбо in Russian).

I'm very excited about all this - I absolutely loved the original program, and it did great things for ballet in Russia (imho). Also, Daria Khokhlova and Igor Tsvirko are both excellent, so it's a well deserved shot for them to get some big exposure. Not to mention a great opportunity for us to see them dance. I'm hoping that it will either be available on kultura's website or on youtube, as it was last time.


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