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Best Ballet Dancer Awards Zürich 2015

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The awards of 'best ballet dancer of the year' have been given in Zürich. As voted by the Friends of the Ballet of Zürich, a prize fund of CHF 10,000 was given for their performances this season, their impressions on the audience, and characterisation in ballet.

The winners were:

Best Ballerina: Viktorina Kapitonova, danced Giselle with Bolle and Vogel, and Anna Karenina (choreographed for her) and others

Best Male Dancer: Denis Vieira, Pretty much all male principal roles due to injuries to the principals.

Best Junior Ballerina: Clarissa Pace, a bit of a surprise but nice dancer

Best Junior Male Dancer: Surimu Fukushi, danced Les Bourgeous in Galas and is a great 'jumper'

Photos can be found here: https://www.opernhau...themeId=3&sid=2

Video interviews (in German/ English) here: http://www.srf.ch/pl...97-c6a90f6a5285

Congratulations to all.

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