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  1. The awards of 'best ballet dancer of the year' have been given in Zürich. As voted by the Friends of the Ballet of Zürich, a prize fund of CHF 10,000 was given for their performances this season, their impressions on the audience, and characterisation in ballet. The winners were: Best Ballerina: Viktorina Kapitonova, danced Giselle with Bolle and Vogel, and Anna Karenina (choreographed for her) and others Best Male Dancer: Denis Vieira, Pretty much all male principal roles due to injuries to the principals. Best Junior Ballerina: Clarissa Pace, a bit of a surprise but nice dancer Best Junior Male Dancer: Surimu Fukushi, danced Les Bourgeous in Galas and is a great 'jumper' Photos can be found here: https://www.opernhau...themeId=3&sid=2 Video interviews (in German/ English) here: http://www.srf.ch/pl...97-c6a90f6a5285 Congratulations to all.
  2. Viktorina won the 'best ballerina of the year' voted by by the Ballet friends of Zürich and won a CHF 3,000 prize. She said she will give the money to her family in russia. Photos can be seen here: https://www.opernhaus.ch/presse/detail/?themeId=3&sid=2 TV interviews can be seen here (German) : http://www.srf.ch/play/tv/redirect/detail/f96e1094-1e29-4c26-8997-c6a90f6a5285
  3. Thanks, I will try my best
  4. You are correct, it was Spörli previously. I would hope that the administration would see the benefit of also doing a DVD too. At least I can hope ;)
  5. I am really excited to see Ratmanksy reconstruct Swan Lake here in Zürich. It is a fair reward for the company after an amazing season that has largely gone unnoticed. Ballett Zürich is also know for the release of many DVDs, so I personally hope that Zürich release it with principal and graceful swan Viktorina Kapitonova.
  6. I have not yet seen Ratmansky's Anna, but the style is very much Christian Spuck, but he changed his dancing style a bit to suit Kapitonova's classical training. Ratmansky is coming to reconstruct Swan Lake next season. I very much hope that Ms Kapitonova will be the dancer that he creates it on.
  7. I guess as new Swiss member I should introduce my favourite dancer in the company ATM (and rising star) Viktorina Kapitonova. She was brought to Zürich from Stanislavsky Theatre by Heinz Spörli and danced his Swan Lake three seasons ago. Newly found again by Christian Spuck at Zürich, she has danced Giselle with Roberto Bolle (totally emotional, fantastic feet, and tears) and Friedemann Vogel ( he was taller and more 'cold', but her emotional portrayal made him look a cold heartless beast ) Spuck also created a full length ballet for her 'Anna Karenina' this season. Mixed reviews of the piece, and she started off a bit cold in the romantic parts with Vronsky, but after a few performances it was a triumph. Anna Karenina Trailer: Giselle curtain calls with Bolle (just to see the emotion even here) As a huge fan of Bolle she also regularly dances in his Roberto Bolle & Friends galas, one to watch...
  8. Hello all I will make it my goal to get Ballett Zürich its own category with interesting news and updates. I understand that the list represents the members and 'chatter' on the forum, so I will not take offence that the fantastic dancers of Zürich have not (yet) earned a category.
  9. Dear Helene and Volcanohunter, thank you both for your welcomes. I hope I can do it justice, we have some fantastic dancers here, and I will be very interested too of the casting for Swan Lake. I hope its one of our star principals that Ratmansky will work with in creating his new piece
  10. Hello fellow ballet fans. My name is Stephan and I from Zürich in Switzerland. I found this forum in general while looking for news on Zürich Ballet in the English speaking world of which there is very little So I thought maybe I can help contribute my views and news myself. I feel that lots has been happening in Zürich the past season (Giselle from Paris Opera, Roberto Bolle Debut, Polina and Friedemann Vogel guesting) and next season with Alex Jones joining from Stuttgart, and Ratmansky reconstructing Swan Lake in Zürich in partnership with La Scala. I see every performance at least once at the Operahouse and try to visit other companies in Europe once a year at least and maybe attend a Gala or two. I am a fan of classical ballets, and loved the Giselle this season. I am a big fan of Roberto Bolle. I hope that I can help with views and news about Zürich Ballet, and look forward to talking to you all in time. Steph
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