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Alexander Ekman's Swan Lake

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Has anybody seen a DVD of the above?

To my horror I see that it has got a nomination for Benois de la Danse.

As I have said numerous times before, kindly leave a classic like SL on its own, it can stand on its own merits. I tortured myself to see this new take.

And what did I see? Dancers splashing about in a great pool on stage - a total waste of that nowadays rare commodity, water. Had just read about California in the papers and the problems they have there because of lack of water.

I found the whole thing lacking in aestethics. Comments welcome, I am curious to see what others think.yucky.gif

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Although I have not seen it, I have heard from others who have seen it. Many said that it probably needs some fine-tuning. However, one can never fault Ekman for his creative mind. I do not know how he dreams up his ideas, but I find his works fascinating. They are more theatrical than balletic, for sure. Dancers really enjoy working with him, so that tells us something. I do not think he meant it to be "Swan Lake," hence the title "A Swan Lake." And knowing his other works, I would never go thinking I was going to see something remotely traditional. Benois? I believe there is another thread somewhere about the nominations and how they ended up on the list.

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