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'Balancing Acts' by Lucy Gray

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‘Balancing Acts’, a book of photographs by Lucy Gray spotlighting former San Francisco Ballet principal dancers Tina le Blanc, Kristin Long, and Katita Waldo.

Although Gray focuses on ballet dancers, she's targeting all working women who want to have a career and raise a family.

“I made this book for working mothers in general,” Gray says. “There are 75 million working mothers in this country, and half the workforce is women, yet we’re so backwards in how we think about mothers and work. I’d like the dance world to take notice, yes, and then everyone else. It’s cuckoo that the subject of working mothers still needs to be on the table. Why wouldn’t we want to support working mothers?”

The book chronicles the three ballerinas over a period of 15 years as they pursued their careers and raised their children.

“LeBlanc: (Having a baby) took the “live or die” out of it. It’s just a pirouette. That was fun. Ballet became “Let’s just dance!” And back home was the important stuff.”

Available on Amazon via the BalletAlert link.

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