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Roman Rykine to join Boston Ballet

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In today's Boston Herald. This was an "entertainment brief" that's short enough to run on its own:

Boston Ballet gains a dancer


San Francisco's loss becomes Boston's gain: Boston Ballet's new Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen invited San Francisco Ballet principal dancer Roman Rykine to move to this city to join Boston Ballet, and The San Francisco Chronicle reports that he has accepted the offer. Born in Ufa, Russia, Rykine has danced with English National Ballet, and with SFB since 1996, earning many rave reviews.

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Fans of Boston Ballet will definitely enjoy Roman Rykine! I particularly enjoyed his Albrecht in Giselle. Of course, it's our (San Franciscans') loss in a way ... but it is always good to know that others will get the chance to see an excellent dancer. Spread the Love, as we put it wink.gif

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I certainly agree with linsusanr that Boston has something to look forward to in Roman Rykine...... he is a noble dancer, in every way, from the way he points his feet to the way he offers his hand to his partner...

We've rarely seen male dancing of this refinement -- such wonderful feet, such turnout, such beautiful carriage.... His short neck is his only physical drawback-- it makes it seem as if his shoulders are riding up, so in the wrong costume he can look anxious or cross and out-of-sympathy with his partner.....

He is an attentive partner -- as Albrecht in Giselle, he and Tina Leblanc had perfected the lifts so that it reminded you of Maximova and vasiliev, which I think is VERY high praise....

He's grown stronger as an actor; a couple of years ago, in La Sylphide, he danced beautifully but didn't really BELIEVE in the world of the Sylphide -- you didn't believe he was running out the door looking for her glade in hte woods -- he just ran out the door.

In Act I of GIselle he was still, well, disengaged, but in ACT II he was really THERE.

I hope Boston considers getting Migrittomania, which Yuri Possokhov choreographed on Rykine: Possokhov (who's also a fellow-RUssian SFB principal) made Rykine's modest decency into a great theatrical virtue -- the ballet is full of virtuosity, but even more it creates a "world' where everything seems surreal, everyone is phony except Rykine's character, it's quite poignant.... It's a good ballet; even though it does horrible things to some venerable Beethoven, it's theatrically justifiable, and Beethoven will survive...

My friends who know Rykine say he's a great guy, wonderful to work with, modest to a fault....

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