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Music from A Month in the Country

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I was wondering if anyone knew the names of the Chopin pieces to 'A Month in the Country'. I've asked around here and there, but I've only received a few responses. I don't anticipate finding them on any one cd, so I'm hoping to piece one together for myself. Thanks for any help!

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Thanks to a very fast email. For anyone who's interested, the msuic is

Variation on "La ci-darem la Mano" (variations from duo of Don Giovanni" by Mozart)

Fantasia on polish Aria

Andante Spaniato and Grande Polonaise Brillante in E Flat

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And for those wishing a "package deal", there is a recording of Abbey Simon playing these works as part of the same set in a Complete Works of Chopin recording available via the Amazon.com link at the banner heading every page of this site! (Ballet Alert gets a kickback! Everybody buy!) The CDs are available as singles, so keep scrolling down the list until you find what you're looking for. In the US, it's still available as VB 5002.

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