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Music from Cinderella...

Guest Vonnie

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Thanks Melissa. Do you know if it is available on C.D? Also, are the dances to this music all variations or is there corps de ballet participation?

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In the Ashton production, which is the only one I've seen, the dances are all variations.

There are numerous recordings of 'Cinderella' available. The entire score is gorgeous, so I urge you to buy the complete version. The recording by Andre Previn conducting the London Symphony Orchestra is very beautiful and it's the one I own. Here's the link for the CD set on the Tower Records website. Enjoy :-).


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Is it just me? I have always thought that Prokofiev must have been in a very gloomy mood when he composed the score for Cinderella - I find it almost sinister, and quite unsuitable

for a sugar-spun fairy story like Cinderella.

But there you go - it's all down to personal taste again.

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