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A Joint Performance of D.Q. by Chinese & French Dancers

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In the evening of May 15th, 2014 the dancers from the National Ballet of China and the Paris Opera Ballet present ballet Don Quixote (Rudolf Nureyev version) together in the famous Centennial Memorial Hall of Peking University. This performance is one of programs for the event to celebrate the 50 anniversary of establishing China & France diplomatic relations.

The stars of the evening were the prima ballerina of NBC, Zhang Jian as Kitri and the principle of POB, Karl Paquette, as Basilio.


Photographer: Han Jun (摄影:韩军)

10 years ago Zhang Jian and Karl Paquette were dancing together in ballet Sylvia performed in the same theater. Early this year, they performed PDD in Carmen at the Paris Garnier theatre as dancing parterres again. In an interview Karl said: "I feel very excited and happy to parter with Zhang Jian again. She is an excellent dancer with exquisite technique, appealing sensibility and artistry. I am very honored to have this chance to work with her and NBC. Basilio's personality is in line with me, I am very fond of this very difficult role. Maybe, this is my last chance to dance as Basilio. I hope that Chinese audiences will enjoy our show."


Photographer: Han Jun (摄影:韩军)

We are very sure the audiences' responses in that evening have not disappointed Karl. The theater hall was 95% filled with young and energetic ballet goers. From the first moment when Karl Paquette holding his guitar showed up on the stage, till the last minute when the PDD was finished, The audiences were enchanted by their dazzling technique and passionate performance, the applauses and cheering were almost non-stop. Zhang Jian and Karl Paquette brought the house down.

The other dancers casted this evening are

Don Quixote: Dong Jingsheng

Sancho Panza: Chen Yi

Espada, a toreador: Sun RuiChen

Street Dancer & Mercedes: Lu Na

Friends to Kitri: Wang Ye & Wang Chen

Cupid: Wang Qi

The Queen of the Dryads: Liu Xuechen

More photos from this performance are available at the NBC's website:

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On the second night, May 16th, 2014, a very young ballerina Qiu Yunting made her successful debut as Kitri, her partner is a principle of NBC Sheng Shidong. Qiu Yunting was awarded with Golden Prize for Junior Group of Classical Ballet in the Beijing International Ballet Competition 2013, and also offered with Bolshoi Theatre Internship Award. Last year I saw her performance in D.Q. as a Pride Maid, very impressed! She has slender figure, stable technique and intense passion. Especially, she is very calm on stage, natural and unrestrained. Though, she is only 18 years old, she looks very confident, not scared of anything on stage. Like the another Chinese ballerina Like Cao Shuci, they both were trained in the Beijing Ballet Academy. If they would have chances to work on more challenging roles, to dance more on international stages, they could soon be super stars.


Photographer: Wang Chongwei (摄影:王崇玮)

There is a video, in which she is dancing Kitri's Variation:

Yunting Qiu - 2013 Selections - Classical variation

on YouTube:

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