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Manuel Legris in Beijing, Directing D.Q.


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TO commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nureyev's death in January 1993 and the 75th anniversary of his birth, the National Ballet of China is reproducing Don Quixotte that Rudolf Nureyev had taught and directed by himself 28 years ago, in 1985.
Manuel Legris has worked with the National Ballet of China quite often for Cultural Exchange programs between France & China last few years. He danced in Beijing when POB visited China, in international ballet galas, also as guest artist with the NB of China. This summer he is invited back as the artistic advisor/director for reproducing D.Q of Nureyev’s version for the NB of China.
The National Ballet of China has published an interview with Manuel Legris on their website:
Q:As a brilliant ballet dancer yourself, you have danced this version of Don Quixote before. Can you share with us some feelings and experiences when you were dancing this piece?
M:Just for me to inform that, this ballet maybe the one I dance almost every part in the ballet. So when I joined the company in the 80th, I was in a fisherman, a Gypsy, matador, all this. So I did everything until Basilio. And also Nureyev taught me this personally, the whole of Basilio, he taught me himself. And I did my premier in Milan in Teatro alla Scala when I was 20 years old. I was really a baby, like a young, younger star. So this is the ballet I really dance for more than 25 years, everything in this ballet. So this is the start of the story. And I am so very happy to have the chance for coming to China to teach ballet national, because for me it is something I know very well. So it’s good for me to come and to teach something that I really want to transmission to the theatre.

The complete interview in English and some pictures can be found @ :

Interview with Manuel Legris

More pictures of Manuel Legris in D.Q. dressing rehearsal has been published on the NB of China's blog - http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_473f97a00102er3o.html
Manuel Legris is not only an outstanding dancer and artist, he is also a very respectable MAN having big heart. I would like to share the news about his work with Chinese dancers with the ballet world. But, I don't know where to post the news. If Administrators of Ballet Alert! think my post should be in a better suitable sub-forum and like to move it, please do for yourself.
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