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Anna Pavlova -- Whitey -- "No More Right Or Wrong" Demo

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The more I watch this video the more I have to conclude, "What can be said about Anna Pavlova?", except that she existed in a 'Universe' of her own.

My main reference is another version of her doing 'The Swan' that can be seen on a Kirov compilation dvd. It presents about one minute of this performance and I treasure it. It's my only real insight into the greatness of Anna Pavlova and if it's at all an accurate portrayal of her, and I have to conclude that it is, then I'm in *Awe* .

Based on innumerable watchings of that video clip I've felt her to be the female equivalent in artistry of Michelangelo.

Soul and Genius

Anna Pavlova

Danced among the Stars
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