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Better late than never!


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I'm a 33 year old male, just discovering the pleasure of ballet. Last winter, I was watching the Nutcracker performances from around the world on PBS I think, culminating in the NYCB's live opening night telecast. Got me to attend a suburban rendition of the same that year. Not to be mean, but after watching the best in the world, its kind of like going from HD to an old VHS tape.

Fortunately I live just outside Manhattan and decided why not watch people at their best. I started this fall season with a 5th ring seat for Black and White. I was mesmerized by the lightness of step. Around the same time I reserved for myself and a date to be named later to much better seats for the Nutcracker this past weekend. And wow....this could become a very expensive habit.

While I have no technical knowledge of ballet as I suspect most of you do, I'm sure I'll become more opinionated as time goes by. For now I enjoy it on a very instinctive level.

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I feel the same way! It's so nice to find something I can enjoy like that.

Oh...there is SO MUCH ahead for you to enjoy. Watching ballet has been, at different stages of my life, probably one of the very few things I hold on to keep my emotional stability on, and I've been watching it during the hardest moments during my lifespam. I always make sure to remind dancers, whenever I have the opportunity, that there are always those type of individuals in the audience whenever they are onstage; people with all kinds of troubles wanting to have a moment of beauty and spiritual confort. Watch...watch as much as you can, my friend. And, as a personal advise, watch Giselle. tiphat.gif

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