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Salute to the CNB originals!

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Here's my little tribute to those first CNB pioneers from the late 40's, early 50's. Thank you guys for all that greatness you created!! tiphat.gif


Alicia Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Alberto Alonso

Ada Zanetti

Lydia Diaz

Enrique Martinez

Joaquin Banegas

Luis Trapaga

Dulce Wohner


John Kriza

Michael Land

Barbara Fallis

Royes Fernandez

Charles Dickson

Liane Plane

Paula Lloyd

Cynthia Riseley

Richard Thomas

Fred Favorite

From other countries

Igor Youskevitch-(Russia)

Andre Eglevski-(Russia)

Melissa Hayden-(Canada)

Nicolas Magallanes-(Mexico)

Michael Maule-(South Africa)

Eric Hyrst-(England)

Henry Danton-(England)

Adriano Vitale-(Italy)

Victor Alvarez-(Uruguay)

Felipe Segura-(Mexico)

Carlota Pereyra-(Argentina)

Martha Mahr-(Argentina)

margaret Graham-(Argentina)

Ana Garcia-(Puerto Rico)

Beatriz Durand-(Argentina)

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