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Little Humpback Horse "Pearls" variation- costume question

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How important is the color of the dress for the duet Pearls? What about style? I've seen versions performed in classical tutu and other versions in sheaths. Take into consideration that this is to be danced in local competitions and the dancers are not yet teenagers. We want to be faithful to the historical aesthetic, but think a pastel sheath would give it energy without a stage full of scenery and such. Will stand to be corrected!


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By "sheath" I assume you mean a short, flippy dress in a soft georgette, chiffon or other fabric that moves. A soft crepe or georgette is appropriate, or a double georgette if modesty is an issue. You can use several layers of colours if the fabric is thin enough.....movement is key. Silk is best, and you don't need much so cost is not as much of an issue. Be certain to use AB crystals, rather than clear, as for this variation the illusion of moving light underwater is important.

Classical tutus are generally not appropriate for pre-teenagers, unless they are unhooped, or short and fluffy.

Colour is extremely important for competition. Pale blues into aqua.......you have lots of beauty to choose from, I would just stay away from strong or dark tones.

I don't mean to sound dogmatic, but I've been costuming for many years--just my two cents!

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a visitor and scholar of notation from Russia has recently visited and "The Ocean and the Pearls" came up, which he addressed as more aptly costumed for the period and/or Gorsky's 'intentions' in what he called 'chitons' not 'tutus' - by the former he meant, as i understood it, lighter, less stiff, full, etc. tunic-like ballet dresses were suitable for these Pearls. a film he referred to had light colors for the Pearl's costuming, but he video/resolution wasn't clear enough to say what hue exactly.

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