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Mats Ek

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I would guess that most on this Board have some reservations about Mats Ek---I have to admit that I have found his 'Giselle' to be very touching and I especially like Ana Laguna in the role......However I recently saw a clip from his ballet "Appartement" ( which he did for POB) --- 'The Kitchen' segment, which I found bizarre. In the scene are a man and a woman and a stove. The wife is preparing dinner in a smoking oven and she serves up a blackened smoking baby to her husband---talk about frustrated females from a man's point of view!! A disturbing comment I read on the ballet stated: "I predict a long shelf like for this work of art---for it is no doubt an incredible, honest testament of the human condition---created by a living genius." Are we expected to laugh after this? So much for what passes for 'genius'.

comment from Critical dance.com - Michael Montgomery

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