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POB Tribute to Jerome Robbin's DVD

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First of all I must say how much I was impressed by the new packaging on this DVD. It comes in a printed book bound in dark blue, with good quality paper and comprensive text and photographs. I t is a good addition to ones collection, a great improvement on the original plastic case and loose leaflet. Something different to watch at home.

I found the programme as interesting and enjoiyable as I did when I attended a live performance during it's run in Paris. The quality of the filming is resonable, but it would have been better with more close-ups, as the action is often taken from too far away. Another subject I find that could be improved is the lighting on stage, itt is so often too dark, making the performance difficult to see. At times during the performances at the Pairis Opera the spots are far too low. I often wonder howe the dancers do actually manage to see on stage. I do not think the lightening design equals that of other major houses.

Beacause of this, very often DVD's are also rather dark. Atmospherics are very well, but there is a fine line between lighting below what is required to take into account of the different sight requirements of an audience.

En Sol, danced by Marie Agnes Gillot and Florian Magnenet, this was superb, the up amd coming F. Magnenet parners the ever brilliant M.A. Gillot, who we have seen excell in a varied number of roles.

He is very tall, elegant and makes an impressive figure on stage. His height makes him a very worthy partner for Marie Agnes, and they are very well balanced and in unison as partners. Supported by the corp de ballet, it was well rehearsed, and most enjoyable. The blue and white costumes are very attractive.but do not blend in and disappear into the back cloth. They stand out clearly, with in this case appropriate lighting.

Triade, by B Millipied, most certainly one of my less preferred choreographers in line with Wayne Macgrtegor. I do not find his work appeals to me at all, his choice of music, and lack of costumes

which convey no more than people in their pyjamas or a vest and trousers. However, I do not fault the dancers, they were very accomplished in the sometimes weird choreography they are asked to perfoerm. One moment it appears to include normal element s the next it is making strange looking shacking movement which does not make sense..

In the Night I have always liked this ballet, three different couples that each tell their own story, I love lthe costumes and choreography. the first Blue Couple, lyrical, gentle and loving, the second, in unison, strictly controlled and very together, and the final pair, passionate, abandoned, parted and forgiven, the girl submitting to her partner, and falling at his feet. Really beautifully danced by all the cast to Chopins music.

Finally The Concert, this delicious piece of whimsical fun, never fails to amuse me. and you leave the theatre feeling happy and light hearted. The choreography is brilliant, it is much harder to do tujhgs wrong, and not to over act. The cast of Dorothee Gilbert, Alessio Carbone etc have got it just right, they are very funny.

The way it is choreographe ihas not dated at all, and the whole thing just lives ion to enjoy into the 21st century.

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