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Makarova & Baryshnikov GISELLE videocassette

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My wife and I watched this videocassette a couple of weeks ago. The first act seemed dark (literally), which sometimes made it a little difficult to see fine details. In the second act, there is enough contrast between the costumes and the background that the lighting is not really an issue. The sets are not the same as those used in the current ABT production of Giselle.

It was great to see these two dancers in the lead roles. I prefer Baryshnikov's Albrecht to Nureyev's (which we also have on a DVD recording). Makarova is very dramatic in the title role, though Alina Cojocaru is still my favorite Giselle. Martine van Hamel is an excellent Myrta.

Because of the picture quality, I wouldn't recommend this as anyone's first Giselle recording, but for fans of any of these dancers, this is certainly worth having.

I wish I could describe a little more, but we were both sick with a virus as we watched, and we had to break it into two evenings. We'll have to watch it again sometime when we're both healthy.

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