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Halloween and Swan Lake

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Well..this is a brief report on last night's town parties of Halloween. I went out-(my home made Rio Carnival meets Venice Carnival costume headpiece was so heavy I could barely walk...smile.png )-but anyways...just to report that Aronofsky's influence was HUGE this year. LOTS and lots of Odiles-(original Portman makeup and everything)-and even some Odettes, including many men in drag...laugh.png . I found a friend of mine in a white tutu and even weari ng huge pointe shoes, and when I jokingly suggested that we should do a fish dive for all the hundreds cameras taking pictures around us, suddenly he retreated back and then...I WAS UP N THE AR, MY FACE ALMOST TOUCHING THE FLOOR!!...( I had meant to carry him, not vceversa...BTW...tongue.png , but I tried my best to be graceful , and I think I did good...wink1.gif ). I will try to upload some of the swan pictures I took and linked them here.

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