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Centeral West Ballet

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I'm not sure how well know Centeral West Ballet is among this community, but I had the opportunity to see their performance of Swan Lake. It was really amazing; I saw the Sunday Mantinee and the lead swan was so emotional and graceful; her name is Cerissa Urry; is anybody familiar with her? The only thing I know is that she attended Walnut Hill; a fine arts high school in Mass, and she is on you tube doing La bayadere.

The ballet themselves performed at the Gallio Center... The wine makers and it is breath taking. Does anybody else know much about this company as well? It maybe small; but it can compete with any major company.. the Central West Ballet site is a reflection of their performance.

If anybody knows more information about them please comment.

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I'm afraid I don't know this group -- where are they based, and where did you see them?

Thank you for getting back with me.. I appreciate it eventhough I have been away from my email. Central West is a fetal company in Modesto California. Their Web Sit is centralwestballet.com They have small bites from Swan Lake on it. The company performs at the Julio Gallo Center (the wine producer), and the company performed beautifully. I'm sure they have some growing to do, but great potential.

Since I saw the performance, I found a little more about the dancer; Cerissa Urry. She apparently attended a boarding school Walnut Hill, and performed at the Lincoln Center in NYC.

Also, their company is making money and their able contract some of their dancers.

Can someone help with some more info on the dancer Cerissa and the company.. Plus get some feed back on the swan lake performance. What do you or anybody else think of the perfomance.

Thanks all

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