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Tiler Peck on Bravo TV Show

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This morning I had Bravo TV on in the background while I was getting ready, and I was surprised to see Tiler Peck on TV! She was on Rocco's Dinner Party, a show taped in NYC. Rocco has two chefs create two different themed dinner parties and invites celebrity guests to enjoy the dinners and choose a winner. Tiler was a celebrity guest. They spoke about her being a consultant to the film Black Swan and about how her feet were not ugly, despite being a ballet dancer. She also showed one of the guests the five feet positions of ballet.

Very cool for Tiler. I wonder if Bravo TV sought her out through New York City Ballet or if she has an agent that lands her special gigs like this?

Link to episode info with Tiler Peck: http://www.bravotv.com/roccos-dinner-party/season-1/episode-5-town-and-country

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